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  1. Your textbook offers this as the definition of literature: “What has come to be known as literature is writing in prose or verse that contains complex yet coherent ideas and meanings; deals with significant or universal issues; contains original and imaginative writing; and interests a large number of educated readers” (Muller and Williams 2).  Knowing this, give the class one example from popular culture that could be considered literature and one example that is certainly not literature.  This ‘literature’ does not necessarily have to be a novel, short story, or poem.  This work could be a song, video, film, or television program as well.  Feel free to be creative.  Just make sure to clearly explain why your examples are/are not literary, using some of the information you have learned about literature from your textbook.  Please provide links to your examples.  Citations from your textbook are encouraged.  Please remember to cite all of your sources MLA style.  Please note that your works cited list, although required, is not included in the final word count.

Please divide your response into paragraphs for easier reading. If you reference, paraphrase, or quote specific passages from a text to support your response, cite the passages using MLA citation format.


Works Cited


Muller, Gilbert H. and John A. Williams. “Reading and Responding to Literature and Film.” ENGL200: Composition and Literature. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2014.eBook.

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