English annotated bibliography assignment | English homework help

When completed the Annotated Bibliography will:

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Be in MLA format

Contain 30 (or more) citations and summaries. Missing entries will be prorated at 5 points each.

Have summaries of 5 to 7 lines of text.


Be single spaced with a double space between items (DS between the citation and the summary, between the summary and the next citation, etc.)  This improves readability.


Contain at least the following numbers and types of sources(need bibliographic listing + summary for each source in another .doc:



10 Journals

5 Newspapers

1 Book

1 Magazine

1 Website


Separate the items into categories, one for each type of source (journals, newspapers, etc.). Alphabetize the items per group.  Number the items 1-30 (independent of groups).


Hints and Reminders:

The heading should be Annotated Bibliography


All citations end with a period.


Double check that your hanging indentations are correct.


Don’t forget to make the last sentence of the summary your own statement about the usability of the source for your research paper.



If you insist upon using an electronic “citation maker,” (not recommended) check it vigorously because the output often doesn’t conform to the style and examples shown in the spiral handbook.

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