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Topic: The Impact of Legalization of Marijuana on Children and Adolescents

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The research paper is an extended argument. The research paper topic must be a topic that is related to or concerns the book Ghettoside. The finished research paper must meet the following guidelines. 

– Required to hand in a working bibliography and an outline

– The finished paper must be 8- 10 pages (typed and double spaced)

– In addition to the 8- 10 pages (at least 2500 words, paper should have an outline, cover page, and MLA style work cited page (double spaced). If the paper lacks an outline or cover paper, it is a 10points deduction (if it lacks both, 20points deduction). if the paper lacks a work cited page, it is a fifteen- point deduction. If the paper lacks a work cited and in text citation it is forty- points deduction.

– The paper must be in MLA style. An incorrect work cited page can lead to a two to ten points deduction and incorrect in text citation can add up. I take off 2 points every times a needed citation is not done. 

– Students must use at least 8 sources. ONLY 2 SOURCES MAY  BE FROM THE INTERNET. Please not that accessing the library’s database or an online version of a print source (such as THE NEW YORK TIMES) does not count as an Internet source. Sources should be as recent as possible and varied. In other words, do not just use newspaper articles; use magazines and books as well. Using correct sources is part of the grade. You actually need to do research. If a student uses more than 2 internet sources, there is a 20 points penalty unless there are a large number of non- internet sources. This does not include online versions of print sources.

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