English essay is persuasive aim


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English essay is persuasive aim
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my topic is (Living in Big City or Staying in Village)


1-you will use the Persuasive Aim and the Mode of Comparison and Contrast to write an essay of at least 750-1250 words.  You will target an audience aged fifty years and older.   

2. You must use at least three points of comparison.  That is, you must evaluate each thing you are comparing using at least three criteria.  For example, if you are comparing college football and pro football, you might use the following criteria: tradition, spectatorship, and the fundamentals of the game. 

3. You must discuss each of the things you are comparing/contrasting when talking about each of your points of comparison. 

4. For your indirect support, you must use at least two of the motivational appeals we discussed in class: personal, emotional, rational, and stylistic.  This is a requirement. 

5. You must also include direct support in your essay.  The articles (you must have at least two) from which you draw this direct support must come from the Internet.  You must turn in copies of your source articles.  And you must cite the sources of this information using formal MLA documentation style.  So you will do parenthetical citations and a Works Cited page

6. You must organize your body paragraphs using alternation of detail.  Do NOT use separation of detail format for this essay. 

7. You must have a topic sentence for each of your body paragraphs.  That topic sentence must include a transition. 

8. You must open your essay using one of the following strategies: 

a. An unusual fact or statistic 

b. An intriguing statement 

c. A question that your essay will answer 

d. An appropriate quotation

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