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Paper #3 Assignment Sheet



Writing Task: For this assignment, you will begin the research process by finding and examining the various viewpoints of multiple “experts” on a single, individually-chosen topic. You should form a research question and then find out what others propose as a solution to that question. After annotating and summarizing your group of 2 texts, write an informative synthesis in which you summarize, compare, and contrast the group of texts.


Sources: Be aware of the sources you choose for this assignment. You should choose trustworthy, credible experts from reliable sources. All of your sources should come from the library’s databases.


Thesis: The thesis of this paper will identify the specific topic addressed by the sources and might name the various authors specifically. You might choose an overarching thesis (e.g., The scholars below discuss the benefits and challenges of incorporating social media into the freshman composition classroom.) or a thesis that more specifically outlines the sources’ arguments (e.g., While Selfe and Alexander advocate the use of social media in the composition classroom, others like Ellis and Reyman warn against the challenges and legalities associated with the use of such technology.).


Documentation guidelines:

– Paper follows MLA formatting rules, including 1 inch margins, double-spacing, no added space between paragraphs, and appropriate heading (see the link to Purdue OWL on Blackboard).

– All quotations and paraphrases are cited properly according to MLA (including in-text citations and a complete, accurate works cited page)

– Paper should be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt. type

– Paper should include a correct works cited page

– Paper should be submitted via Canvas


Grade Weight: 100 points


Word Count: 750 words


Due Dates:

– see Canvas


Rubric: See attached rubric for information concerning how I will be grading Paper #3.











Paper #3 Rubric


Rubric assumes that this essay is your own original work written for this specific assignment for this semester/section.


Please see the academic misconduct policy on the course syllabus and your instructor for further clarification.


Assignment, audience, purpose (10%)

  • Author clearly understands and follows assignment guidelines.
  • Essay engages an appropriate audience
  • Essay maintains a clear purpose.

Content/Development (30%)

  • Critical thinking is used consistently and effectively to add value to the paper.
  • All ideas are appropriately supported with evidence, and explanations integrate student’s ideas with the evidence.

Organization (30%)

  • Thesis guides an essay-wide focus.
  • Each paragraph develops one topic.
  • Ordering of paragraphs is logical and enhances the development of ideas.
  • Transitions within and between paragraphs enhance the development of ideas.
  • Introduction captures readers’ attention and maps paper’s direction.
  • Conclusion goes beyond introduction and conveys the implications of the thesis.

Style (15%)

  • Essay displays appropriate voice, tone, level of formality for its intended audience and purpose.
  • Writing is clear and concise.
  • Writing includes variety in vocabulary, sentence length, and sentence structure.

Knowledge of Conventions (15%)

  • Essay employs appropriate syntax, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Essay demonstrates proficiency in Edited American English.
  • Essay quotes, paraphrases, summarizes, and documents sources correctly.


In each of the above categories, your paper will be ranked on a scale from 1-6 according to the following scale values:


1=Exemplary; 2=Advanced; 3=Proficient; 4=Developing; 5=Novice; 6=Unsatisfactory

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