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Assignment Sheet for Proposing a Solution This paper requires you to propose an actual working solution to your topic. You have already learned to “wallow in complexity:” to research and analyze, to posit a thesis, antithesis, and synthesis; and to challenge the common ways of looking at a problem. Hopefully, this semester your accompanying research helped you to become more critical consumers of the material you read, and to develop the curiosity to generate significant and problematic questions. For your final, you will apply those skills as you write a proposal where you will propose a solution for the problem you’ve been studying. Your aim is to make an argument that calls an audience to action. You’ll make a claim that some action should or ought to be taken, and then you’ll offer a solution to one of the problems you identified in your Annotated Bibliography. As stated in Allyn & Bacon, “for every proposal there is always an alternative course of action, including doing nothing.” Your task as a proposal writer is threefold: demonstrate that a significant problem exists; propose a solution to the problem; and justify the solution, showing how the benefits outweigh the costs and that the proposed solution will fix the problem better than alternative solutions would.” Your essay should contain the following three parts: • a description of the problem • a proposal for a solution • a justification for the solution Your introduction should get your audience’s attention (possibly by appealing to pathos), provide background on the conversation you are joining, and clearly state the claim you intend to support. The body of your argument should appeal to logos by presenting reasons and evidence in support of your position, as well as appeal to ethos by responding to opposing views (rebutting the counterargument). You may also appeal to pathos within your body by appealing to the values and beliefs of your audience. This paper should have a minimum of six sources (minimum of 4 scholarly). Length:1800 words minimum with a Works Cited page.

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