English work : 48 hours : 3 pages

One thing you may notice during and after completing this course, there is always something environmental and/or emergency preparedness-related in the news. For the written assignment this week, research four news articles for the past month. Select two that have an environmental health focus and two that have an emergency preparedness focus.

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Questions to help in your search are:

Provide a brief but strong summary of each of the four articles researched including any information on what is being done to resolve the issues.

Your paper should be typed, up to four (4) pages in length, and follow the APA Style which includes using a cover page, one inch margins, double-spaced, 12 inch font (Times New Roman, Arial or Verdana) with a reference page.

Remember to cite all sources. Additionally, your instructor may take points off for minor spelling, grammar, punctuation, citation errors and due dates at his or her discretion.



Listed below is the points system that will be used to grade papers:

  1. Strong Introduction and summary

4 points


  1. All materials strongly relate to the topic and incorporate either national or global focus.

8 points


  1. A strong review of the key conclusions with insightful conclusions on each of the issues. (For each of the four news items.)

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