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Only imagine: hundreds of students applying to various schools where the approval committee is tired of checking the same papers! Now think a bit what can be done to make the committee regard your entrance essay as the most impressive one? 

  1. Entrance essay performs you as a person and as a student;
  2. Entrance essay shows your writing skills: it reveals your abilities to write in a clear, concise and structured way;
  3. Entrance essay shows how creative and inventive you are;
  4. Entrance essay shows your burning and sincere desire to enroll to this very school, college or university;
  5. Entrance essay informs the committee on the way their institution may benefit from you;
  6. Entrance essay is your last resort; make sure it is memorable and impressive.
  7. Entrance Essays: Advice to Win
  8. Set teeth for the essay writing process;
  9. Forget about every day problems;
  10. Find some quiet spot;
  11. Brainstorm ideas and approaches;
  12. Write several drafts;
  13. Experiment with different beginnings and conclusions;
  14. Study the entrance essay requirements you have to follow. Make sure you meet all of them;

Study the topic suggested (as a rule, this is some question to answer), if some misunderstanding tortures you, do not hesitate to consult your committee or website that writes essays.

Focus on the topic suggested: support your ideas with concrete arguments;

Use clear transitions within the paragraphs and the entire entrance essay;

Do not lie –speak about the achievements you truly have only and give a critical evaluation of your negative traits which need improvement.

Do not let your entrance essay be another one in the dump of papers; let it be a constituent part of your entrance success!


Sample Statement of Purpose Essays: Your Best Opportunity to Prepare

What is the gist of the essay called “statement of purpose”? Why is it of great importance to every student? Well, in other words, statement of purpose essays can be defined as mere college application essays. And, you definitely know that it is a critically important part of the application process.

All students who write a statement of purpose essay have one common question “What makes statement of purpose essays effective and unique?” A good way to find this out is to put yourself into the shoes of admission officers. In their place, what would you like to see in the statement of purpose essays?

I can briefly explain you what qualities the adcom appreciates and what they want to read about in the statement of purpose essays.

Your enthusiasm about studies (sure, they do not need students who will do nothing);

Your ability to work in a team (or, your ability to communicate and cooperate with others);

Your independent thinking (they need guys with good thinking and analytical skills);

Your creativity, etc.

It is a kind of psychological portrait that an applicant should create in his/her statement of purpose essay. However, everything is not that easy with this portrait. You cannot just list your good qualities. That is why we strongly recommend you start with an analysis of the statement of purpose sample essays and check how everything works in reality. Carefully read past sample statement of purpose essays and check how successful applicants did the following:

emphasized their talents and uniqueness;

talked about their weak sides;

provided examples that supported and proved things they described.

In other words, statement of purpose essay samples will help you understand what a good application is and is not.

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