Environmental Control,

Policy board meetings may be related to a legislative body, governmental agency, or community organization (e.g., Dept. of Social Services, Dept. of Juvenile Justice, Dept. of Health and Environmental Control, city council, county council, etc.).Use link below to and choose any one of the short videos pertaining to school board meeting and answer all the following:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-aK2smRmcvf03px4s-XCUgThe written analysis of the board meeting must include the following informationName of organization or agency (5 points must include all listed information):of meetingDate of the meetingof the meetingNames and titles of the board membersIdentify three agenda items and the outcome of any action taken on that itemAnalysis of agenda item:Detail the use of Robert’s Rules of Order to facilitate the meeting/agenda items.10 pointsProvide an analysis of one agenda item 10 pointsInformation provided and information lacking to make decisions (e.g., budget data, demographic data, research findings, personal stories/testimonies) 10 pointsIn your opinion, which type of information had the greatest impact on the decision makers? 5 pointsUsing one agendaitem, do you agree/disagree with the decision made/outcome of the meeting? Explain your answer 5 pointsHow will the decision make an impact in regards to social justice for vulnerable populations? Did any of the issues discussed pertain to diversity, i.e.,race, ethnicity, age, social class, religion, rural/urban populations, national origin, etc.? If so, how are these groups impacted by the issue/problem5pointsWhat social work values and skills did you observe ? 10 pointsPutting yourself in the role of one of the board members, what changes would you make in the decision-making process that you witnessed 10 pointsAPA format/formatting structured (cover page, text, reference page, etc.) 10pointsThis assignment will be graded on the following criteria:Inclusion of all required documentation/information, and response to all questionsThe level of detail of the description of themeeting in general, and what actions were taken by policy-makersOverall writing quality, including organization, spelling, grammar, and appropriate use of APA publication format (Minimum of 5 pages).


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