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You will be reading draft papers written by your classmates. Remember that you are not being asked to be an expert on your classmates’ topics. You are being asked to act as an interested reader and respond to the drafts as a reader.

You need to consider the following question: How can I provide quality feedback that will help my peer when he/she is making revisions?

First, be sure to read the assignment for this week, so you understand what is expected for the draft. Then, actually create your draft for posting by the Thursday night deadline. Keep in mind that you can always revise that draft before submitting it to the Assignment drop-box by Sunday night. That draft will be read, responded to, and graded by your instructor.

You should complete the following steps:

1. By Thursday 11:59 PM EST, submit the draft of your expository essay as a Word file to the discussion.

2. Select the essays of the two classmates who follows you on the Message list and view the video located Engaging in peer review (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.[Video, 02 min 18 sec]. 

The peer review form, which can be downloaded below, contains questions for you to complete about your classmates’ essays. You should complete the form for each classmate and then attach it to a discussion in response to your classmate’s original post.

Click the following link and then on the picture of the form to download the peer review form.

Revising & Editing Process

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