Eth 316 ethics and social responsibility week 2 dq

You Decide: Illegal Drugs

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Watch “You Decide: Illegal Drugs” and respond to the discussion question. 

  • What are the moral responsibilities in legalizing drugs in America?

You Decide: Ethics of Medical Research

Watch “You Decide: Ethics of Medical Research” and respond to the discussion question. 

  • Consider the consequences, as outlined in Ch. 8 of Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues

Week Two “Big Picture” Exercise

According to Boylan (2009), “It is inconsistent, on one hand, to accept the assistance of the community via schools, police, fire, roads….and, on the other hand, to deny to a reciprocal duty to give back to the community”. What are some ways the community asks its members to give back? Does each individual have the same responsibilities? Explain why or why not.


Additionally, what are potential results if members of a community accept their community’s benefits, such as emergency services or school systems, but decline to contribute to the community beyond paying taxes? Explain.




Boylan, M. (2009). Basic ethics: Basic ethics in action (2nd ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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