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Child Abuse Case Analysis


In this assignment you are required to perform a child abuse assessment utilizing the child abuse reporting form, located in the Resource section of your syllabus.

PSY 87504_ChildAbuseReportForm.pdf (PLEASE SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT)
It is suggested that you print the form, fill it out, scan and upload as a pdf file.

Review this week’s video and the reading assignments on child abuse  assessment. Using the above Assessment tool, please evaluate the  following vignette for suspicion of child abuse. 
Fill out the form, describing what you see in the vignette that supports your assessment responses.

After you fill out the form, write a paper discussing your  assessment, possible interventions and prevention strategies that you  might use when encountering  similar situations in your professional  work.  Justify your responses by using and referencing the course text  and the video that you watched this week.  All work must be written in  graduate level English in APA format.

Your paper should be 1-2 pages plus a title and reference page.

Dave, a 16-year old boy, is seen in an intake counseling session  accompanied by his mother. His mother is worried because Dave is so  angry.  Dave tells you that he hates his parents. He tells you that he  is sick of his father’s alcoholic rages and his mother making excuses  for them. Mom tells you that Dave will argue and pick a fight with his  father when Dad is drinking.  Often times, this ends with fights between  Dave and his Dad.  On more than one occasion Dave has suffered from a  black eye. Dave tells you that he only picks these fights to protect his  12-year old brother by “getting the heat off of him”. Mom tells you  that it’s always impossible for her to tell who started the physical  fight and asks what she should do.

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