Ethnic studies 5.3.1 how language impacts a situation q&a

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 Assignment Information:

Due Date Thursday, July 5, 201811:59 PM PsT

How Language Impacts a Situation Q & A
So, How Much Do You Understand the Impact of Words?

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Do a or search on the 2001 U.S. Spy Plane in Taiwan incident. Find a newspaper article on this incident and read about what happened. Answer the following questions:
    1. Who was involved in this incident?
    2. What was this incident about?
    3. Where and when did this incident happen?
    4. Why did this incident happen?
    5. What happened as a result of this incident?
    6. Go to an online reference source like, or and
    7. define: cross cultural communication, personal, politics and political.
    8. Explain your understanding of personal cross cultural communication and political cross cultural communication using the U.S.A. & Taiwan, China incident. Remember when the incident happened, the Chinese demanded an “apology?” The word “apology” in Chinese and English appeared to mean different things in each culture. How did the incident get resolved? What does it take to be a good cross cultural communicator? Add your own observations and insights about the importance of language.
  2. Include a simple Bibliography for the site that you got the article at and what online reference resource you used to define the words above. (author last, first name, title of the article, date, url)

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