Exoticism Of Romani Music

How much did Western culture contribute to the exoticism of Romani Music?Romani music, also known as “Gypsy music,” has a reputation for being exotic and alluring. While the Roma did manage to negotiate their representation within limitations, the market has labeled the music and performances as exotic and authentic. In world music marketing, “Roma (like other oppressed groups), have been produced by outsiders.” It is noted that Roma has historically had little control over symbolic systems. But, is there more to it? Why is it that the appearance of Romani music is so heavily influenced by other countries?The authenticity associated with Gypsy music is especially receptive in Western audiences. This can be attributed to the fact that perhaps Westerners feel as though they have lost their own authenticity. Does the marketing of Gypsy music in exoticism follow the trend of adopting the characteristics in response to Western culture?


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