Explain the role of software architecture in project risk reduction.

CSS 422 WEEK 1 Discussion
Introduction to Software Architecture
Supporting Activity: The Role of Software Architecture
Write a 50- to 150-word response to the following:
1 Use an example to explain the role of software architecture in project risk reduction.
Supporting Activity: Software Architecture’s Context
Write a 50- to 100-word response to the following question:
Software architecture plays a different role in different context.
2 Select from one of these contexts, and describe software architecture’s role in the context. Use an example to illustrate your point.
•Project life cycle
•Other contexts
Software Engineering: Modern Approaches
Write a 50- to 100-word response to the following questions:
3 What are the principal insights from the discipline of building architecture that are applicable to the construction of software systems?
4Recognizing the limitations of an analogy—where it does not apply—can be as instructive as considering the situations where it does apply. What’s wrong with the building architecture analogy? In what ways is constructing software fundamentally different from building a physical structure? Do a Web search for “software construction analogy is broken.” Do you agree or disagree with the opinions posted online?
5. Philips’s use of software architecture for supporting product lines is targeted at consumer electronics, such as televisions. What other industries or markets could benefit from the commonalities and efficiencies of a software product-line approach
6. How might the role of architecture documentation be different for an edge-dominant system?
7 Which architectural views would you expect to be the most important to document for a system built under the Metropolis model?
8. Draw the architecture influence cycle for Web 2.0 software systems in general, and for one of its flagship examples (such as Twitter or Facebook).
Individual: Building Software versus Building a House
Assignment: Building software is often compared to building a house. While the analogy is appropriate in some cases, it is not appropriate in other cases.
Use the table below to describe as clearly as you can, how software architecture compares to building architecture in at least four aspects.
Software architecture
Building architecture
Similar or different
Use appropriate external citations and references (minimum of 3), in addition to including references to the required readings where relevant (minimum at least 1), within the assignment. Be sure citations and references follow the University of Phoenix approved style guide format (the Written Assignments Guidelines, along with properly cited APA references). Please Note: Dictionary and Encyclopedia citations and references will not count towards your reference/citation count. Refer to the Instructor Policies to identify External and Internal references


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