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Expository Essay Draft:  On the topic –  ISLAMOPHOBIA IN THE WEST



Write a 1000-1500 word essay 


Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to measure your mastery of those conventions by putting your knowledge to practice.  The expository essay is a general term for an essay that expounds upon or explain a topic.  The objective of the essay is to convey information to the reader; most importantly, an expository essay is an exploration of a topic, and the tone is explanatory.  You will need to choose the form that is most appropriate to fit the topic, cause and effect, problem and solution, or sequential.  A thesis statement, which contains the paper’s argument, will be appropriate to the form you choose.


1. Choose a topic 

2.  Create a plan of action 

3.  Research the topic 

4.  Choose the organization:  choose between cause and effect, problem and solution, or sequential 

5.  Create a thesis statement 

6. Draft the essay 


Stylistic details:  All essays must meet the following requirements:


1. Include 1000-1500 words 

2.  Write in Time New Roman, 12 pt. font

3.  Include one-inch margins on all sides 

4.  Use double spacing 

5.  Include an APA title page and reference list that includes all of the sources used in the essay 

6.  Include a header 

7.  Include page numbers (upper-right corner only).

8.  Adhere to APA convention and documentation style 


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