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Discussion: Freire: Defining Key Terms 

First, read and annotate at least the first few pages of Freire’s chapter from Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

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Define three key terms from the first few pages of Freire’s chapter. Key terms are words that are used as main ideas in the text or terms that the author re-defines for the purpose of the argument.

Definitions of key terms should be written out completely and followed with examples and explanations of the author’s use of these terms in the text.

For your responses to each other: Discuss how any of the terms your classmates have defined relate to your own life, other readings from this quarter, or the world today.


Discussion: Freire: Clarifications

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Please use this discussion forum to ask questions of Freire’s text as you work through it. Any of the following ideas would make interesting contributions to the discussion forum and to your final essay. Tip: Don’t try to discuss more than one idea at a time. If you have another idea, you are welcome to discuss that in an additional post. Just make sure that you refer directly to the part of the text you wish to discuss.

This is important; I will be grading on this.

  • Share excerpts that you don’t understand or that need clarification.
  • Do a little research and include definitions of terms and explanations of unfamiliar references used by Freire.
  • Note repetitions or patterns you see.
  • Note inconsistencies or redundancies.
  • Who is Freire’s audience?
  • What is Freire’s purpose?

In studying one text for the rest of the quarter, my hope is that you will have the time to indulge in some slow learning. Enjoy!

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