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Review the fact sheet at the following link.   http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2014/01/16/fact-sheet-president-and-first-lady-s-call-action-college-opportunity

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This article lists four action areas crucial to increasing opportunities for colleges: connecting students to colleges, increasing the pool of prepared students, leveling the field in relation to advising and test preparation, and strengthening remediation efforts. In this January 16, 2014, event, attended by hundreds of higher education leaders, the president called on colleges and universities to commit to at least one of the above action items by developing new programs, initiating new policies, or creating new allegiances to improve access for underrepresented students. 

Investigate which institutions attended. Select one and discuss the initiative efforts they will develop to address these issues. Hypothesize on their effectiveness, and reference provided readings to support your conclusions. Bear in mind that you, as a higher education practitioner, may be charged with administering a similar program or developing a new program with similar goals. 

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