Family Dynamics

Choose a version of Hansel and Gretal by any of the following authors (all are less than a 5 page (15 minute read):“The juniper Tree” by brothers grimm“The rose tree” by Joseph Jacobs“Little Thumbling” by Charles Perrault“Pippety Pew” unknown author“Molly Whuppie” by Joseph Jacobs then fill out the questions below using evidence from your text and another version of the text.The questions:Why is this Story in the Hansel and Gretel section/category? Would you make the same choice? Why or why not? (Answer with 4-6 sentences. Cite atleast one piece of evidence)What patterns connect it to the “larger human experience?” (7-10 sentence answer site atleast one piece of evidence )How are male and female roles defined within the story? What constitutes masculinity and femininity? How do the characters embody these traits? (Answer with 5-9 sentences and atleast one peice of evidence )You have a choice to pick one of the following questions and answer with 1-2 paragraphs and atleast 2 pieces of cited evidence from the text:Option 1. What family dynamics are at work in this text?Option 2: Are there prominent words or theme in the piece that could have hidden or subtexual meanings?


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