Few questions on orthodontics | Biology homework help

its not an assignment its just a few questions i got if someone could use the hand out i will provide plus some books as well to answer it that would be great… it doesnt need to me formated or fancy or anything its just for me to study from… thank you

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1.Describe in detail the differences in design and function of two components used to retract canines. Explain why these different designs are available.

2.(a) What are the principles of removable appliance construction?

(b) How does the dental technologist ensure that these principles are upheld?

3.Describe in detail the problems that can occur if the forces applied during treatment are not within an ideal range.



4. Explain the five factors that contribute to the development of a malocclusion. Include specific examples for each.


5. How does wire diameter and length affect and determine its use as an orthodontic component?

6. Describe in detail the physiological changes that take place when a tooth is moved through alveolar bone.


7. Discuss how dental records can be used to determine a malocclusion.

8. Describe how the concept of ‘normal’ occlusion may be altered by a change in environmental and physical conditions.

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