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To watch and write a film critique on “Outsourced” (John Jeffcoat). Your narrative has to informed by the material covered in INST 110W this semester (More details, below).

  1. View the film Outsourced (2006) once (if necessary, watch it again). NOTE: The film is available in Blackboard Learn [INST 110W, under FILMS].
  2. Write a critique of the movie [750 words maximum: roughly, two double-spaced pages], by highlighting:

a. A quick summary encompassing the film’s storyline, plot, relevance;


The extent to which the movie has implicit/explicit connections with communication across culture [our major theme this semester]. To simply say, for example, that “Outsourced” hasimplicit/explicit connections with communication across culture” does not suffice here. The
professor already know this. You MUST establish the connections through your narrative by relating points of contact between the film and a particular reading, chapter, or media discussed in INST 110W. Make sure you write clearly and correctly. Review your essay before you submit it. Use proper referencing style when quoting an author. By the way, usethe Reference Style that you are most familiar with (i.e., MLA’s, APA’s, Chicago’s).

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