Film ( mermaid) 1990 | English homework help

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Film ( Mermaid) 1990


HBSE FILM ANALYSIS – ( Movie-Mermaid, 1990-Cher)
 Description of Assignment: Select a film related to an area of human experience
covered in the course. Be sure to choose a movie that is conducive to addressing the required elements on the outline assignment below. (Ideas include mental health, diversity, family life, community or international dynamics, etc.) Provide a 2-3 page review and critique.
 Evaluation of assignment:
o Title and year of release
o Theme (not just topic, but what message does the movie share) o Brief synopsis, and analysis of what “drew” you to this choice o Critique of your choice (was it a good/poor choice? Why?)
o Links to human behavior and social environment
o Interventions observed. Including models of intervention – what needed to change, how was change attempted? “Isms” that were represented (i.e. – racism, sexism, ageism, etc.)
o What did you “get” from the experience of viewing the film? o Relationship to your professional and personal development o Recommendation and summary statement

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