Fin 370 week 5 discussion question ( fin 370 week 5 dq’s )

FIN 370 Week 5 DQ’s (***** 4 Pages + APA Format + References *****)



1. You are the treasury department for a multinational firm and have been asked to raise $20 million from the international finance market. Discuss what options are available to raise this money and decide what financial instruments you will use. Which financial instruments will you use to raise the $20 million? What financial intermediaries will you use? What regulatory agencies will you need approvals from to raise the funds? What are the pros and cons of each choice? Have you considered the exchange rate risks?


2. What is meant by foreign exchange risk? What specific problems does foreign exchange present in an organization? How could an organization needing Euros in six months protect itself from currency fluctuations?


3. What is globalization? Why has globalization become such an important issue over the last ten years? How will globalization change financial management in the years ahead?



FIN 370 FIN/370 FIN370 Week 5 DQ’s 1, 2 and 3

FIN 370 Week 5 Discussion Question

FIN370 Week 5 Discussion Question



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