Fin370 week 4 and 5 discussion questions 1,2 and 3

FIN 370 Discussion Questions 1,2 and 3 (***** 100 % Corrects + 1194 Words + References *****)




1. Provide an example of when a merger or an acquisition, rather than an IPO, was (or is) a more appropriate way to grow.



2. Select any Initial Public Offering (IPO) of your choice.  Use the Internet to identify the following characteristics of your selected IPO:

a.    Initial offering price

b.    Price 1 month after offering

c.    Current market price

d.    Number of shares outstanding at the time of the IPO

e.    Number of shares outstanding 1 month after offering

f.     Current number of shares

Explain why the IPO (not the company!) was successful or not.



3. Your company is considering three mutually exclusive projects. Project A will expand the existing business operations in the current location. Project B will expand the existing business operations to the adjacent county. Project C will expand into a new business operation that is not related to current business operations. Surprisingly, the projected financial cash flows and the analyses of these projects yield exactly identical results:


Project A

Project B

Project C

NPV @ 15%









2.7 yrs

2.7 yrs

2.7 yrs

How should your company determine which project to select? Are there non-financial considerations that should be taken into account? Are there additional financial analyses that should be performed? 




FIN 370 FIN370 FIN/370 Week 4 and 5 Discussion Questions



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