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For your final assignment, you will complete a literature review, which requires you to select a topic relevant to educational psychology. 

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Here are some suggested topics:

  1. The teacher’s role in the diagnosis, treatment, and education of the child with attention deficit hyperactive disorder.
  2.  Critical thinking and its importance in education in making students better thinkers and developing metacognitive skills.
  3. Strategies for adapting the classroom to meet the needs of the exceptional student (ex. Autistic, gifted, English Language Learner, etc.)
  4. The current level of violent acts committed in schools and efforts to stop them.
  5. The role of genetics and environment in determining intelligence.
  6. The effectiveness of various initiatives to improve education such as the “Common Core State Standards.”
  7. The “Gender Gap” in Education.
  8. The impact of affective issues on student learning.
  9. Strategies for how and why teachers can incorporate affective activities into their daily instruction.

In your response, state the topic of your literature review by either selecting one from the above list.





This an important assignment that will help you prepare for your final project in this class. See below for a couple of tips to help you complete this post successfully.


For this discussion response:


·       Provide a concise description of the topic that you will focus on in your literature review (your final project)

·       Share a question about this topic that you will answer through your research





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