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Here are the guidelines for your next project. It will be completed in 3 phases.

The final paper must have 6 pages, APA format, 12 point, and double space. 

The company you selected is: Tesla

Phase 1:

1. Complete a job requisition for a position from one of the above companies. The requisition will include:


Name of requester:

Department or Work Team:

Position is Full-time or part-time:

Start Date:

Salary Range:

Purpose of hire: Explain the reason for the job (Seasonal, Contract or Permanent) 

2. Complete a job analysis for the selected position. Provide the Job description and job specification. (You can use Onet as a source)

Phase 2:

3. What channels will you use for reaching applicants? Provide detail steps for recruiting, provide at least 5 different channels sources, such as college job fair.

4. Select an Application Tracking System (ATS) that you would use and why?

5. What type of interviews will you perform? Write 10 questions that will be asked.

Phase 3: Final Paper

6. After the interview, what is the process and forms needed to finalize the offer?

7. Explain the onboarding process?

8. Complete a detailed training program for the new position. 

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