Finance Management In Sport

RECG 5160 Finance Management in Sport, Recreation, and Leisure ServicesFundraising Plan AssignmentYour organization is in dire need of funds. You or your team has been handpicked by organizationalleadership to produce a comprehensive 12-month fundraising plan.FUNDRAISING PLAN GUIDELINES (WRITTEN DOCUMENT)Your written document MUST incorporate the following sections. ALL sections should be preparedusing 12 font, times new roman type and with one inch margins: Executive Summary – One page, single spaced. This summary is written LASTand identifies the most important and salient aspects of your plan. Introduction – Between two and three pages, double spaced. This sectionintroduces your overall plan including fundraising philosophy. Briefly discuss yourorganization and their position in the marketplace or community. You should alsodiscuss the overall marketplace or community to give your plan context. Providehighlights of your fundraising strategy and the potential impact your FP will make.Lastly, set up the plan and tell the reader what areas you will cover as well assummarize your approach to this plan. Step 1 – Purpose: Providing depth and analysis, articulate the vision and aims ofyour FP. This should incorporate an understanding of the client’s vision, mission,and values. Clearly state the organization’s fiscal priorities and/or challenges yourFP will address. Based on these factors decide and articulate the purpose and impactof your firm’s plan. Step 2 – Discuss the goals and objectives of your FP. Your goals and objectivesshould include aspects of donor cultivation, stewardship, and impact as well asoverall fiscal campaign goals (e.g. raising $2.5 million). Goals are broad statementsthat your FP will address and objectives are specific steps that will demonstrate howyou will reach a specific goal. SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant,time-bound). Step 3 – Describe your comprehensive 12-month FP. Discuss your fundraisingstreams (note: the plural, leadership expects multiple sources based on thefundraising stool). What are the various target donor populations for each aspect ofthe fundraising stool? How will you cultivate these donors? What is the financialcontext and impact for each aspect of your FP? How will you demonstrateexceptional stewardship? Step 4 – Explain how you will evaluate and discuss the sustainability of your plan.Discuss, in detail, how you will evaluate and determine success for your overallplan. You should discuss howyou will measure success for each stated goal andhow the plan can be sustained after year one. Conclusion – Between two and four pages, double-spaced. This section shouldbring together all aspects of your FP. Demonstrating your experience andknowledge. Align your FP with the overall organization’s mission and strategicgoals. This section should also articulate why your plan is the best direction for theorganization at this time.


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