Financial Crisis

OutlineThe project is meant to introduce students to the financial crisis of 2008. This part of the course includes a documentary showings as a general introduction to the topic and an essay for submission. Students will select one among four themes and write an essay of about 5 pages double space professionally formatted. You can use appendices for any additional information that supports your report.Purpose and ScopeThe purpose of this project is to apply material learned during the lectures in a mostly qualitative fashion. The project aims at developing the ability to critically evaluate facts and ideas that define the economic and financial environment and understand some of the consequences.You should start by watching a documentary, or a reading a book on the financial crisis. These resource make references to numerous facts, introducesa number of key figures and suggests certain conclusions. The essay can be organized as follows but justified deviations from this structure are acceptable.Executive SummaryDescribe in 150 words the content and findings of your report.IntroductionThis section explains the topic and the motivation that lead you to choose such a topic. You need to convince the audience that the topic is important and interesting.DescriptionDescription of the initial facts, statements and evidence.Additional evidenceExplain how you expanded on the initial information. (E.g. alternative theories, different sources, why they may or may not be trustworthy, how and why you think that the additional information enriches the understanding of the topics of your choice).AnalysisCritical evaluation of the information.ConclusionProvide the essence of what you have learned from your analysis and discuss the possible implications of what you found.


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