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The purpose of this project is to introduce you to the collection and analysis of real world data. This project is excellent exercises for those who may wish to pursue graduate studies, and for those who go on to jobs which require analytical skills.


You will be responsible for choosing a research question” ­ a question you would like to attempt to answer using the econometric skills we develop in this class. You must then identify suitable data, and perform some analysis of this data to answer your research question. This is an independent project and should consist of your own original work.


There is no required length for the project, but it should not be possible to create a good project shorter than 10 pages. At the same time, it is unlikely that a project longer than 25 pages is well written. Be sure to be thorough but do not repeat yourself or add unnecessary jargon.


A good project will be comprised of the following components:


Introduction ­ describe your research question, any relevant background knowledge and explain why your project is interesting or important.


Data ­ Describe the surveys your data comes from, what variables you use, and how they are measured.


Methodology ­ Describe the estimation techniques you use and your specification. Explain why you are using this technique and specification.


Results ­ State and interpret your findings. Explain how the data are answering your research question


References ­ Cite any studies which you found to be similar to yours, and any sources used for background information. Also cite your data sources.





The purpose of the proposal it to ensure everyone is moving forward on their projects and that reasonable topics have been chosen. Your proposal should be only 2­3 pages in length and should include the following:


Describe the research question you wish to answer


Discuss similar literature you have found


Describe the data you wish to use and where you have found it


Note that if necessary you may change your topic after submitting the proposal. There is a strong relationship between students who do well on the final project, and students who submit a proposal (thereby receiving suggestions and help).


Resources Data Collection



Although this is an independent project, it is acceptable to ask for help

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