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In this homework assignment, you will turn in a document that is one page in length that consists of an illustration paragraph plan and the final draft of that completed paragraph.  You may include your prewriting if you wish.  Use word processing software, such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, to complete the assignment.  Remember to use proper APA format.  Use the APA Format Guide


Step 1: Choose one of the following general topics of academic- and work-related topics to write your description paragraph.  Choosing a topic that is of interest to you or choosing a topic that may be difficult for you to write about is a good way to challenge your writing skills.  You should prewrite to gather ideas: Based on the following topic.


·         A silly fashion trend



Step 2: Create your paragraph plan, write your first draft, and then write your revised draft.  Make sure you demonstrate the elements of a good description and use sensory details (touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight).


First, create a paragraph plan.  Then, in the same document, write a first draft of your paragraph.  Still in the same document, write your revised draft.  There should be two different versions of the paragraph.


Remember that a good paragraph takes time to write.  You may want to even start with some idea development activities, such as free writing or brainstorming, to help you generate your paragraph.  Pay attention to your purpose, audience, and mechanics in your paragraph.





Step 1: Read “The Catcher of Ghosts” by Amy Tan


Step 2: Answer the following questions 5 to 7 sentences


1.      What descriptive details prove that Amy Tan’s parents and relatives were persuaded to believe they needed the catcher of ghosts?


2.      What are some of the senses Amy Tan uses to enhance her descriptions?  Does she use all the senses (sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch)?  Give examples.


3.      How does Amy Tan’s description let us know she does not take this ghost catching episode seriously?


Step 3: In a well-structured paragraph that is about seven to nine sentences in length, please respond to the following:


Think back to your childhood or teenage years.  During this period, describe a past event that adults took very seriously that today you do not think was deeply important.  Perhaps it was an argument, a traditional practice, or perhaps it was something like school pep rally.  Be sure to use good, descriptive sensory examples.


Step 4: Make a list of all the subjects and the verbs you used in your paragraph.  State how the subjects and the verbs match.  List each verb and identify what tense each verb is in.




Part 5.  Discuss



                        Respond at least 100 words


“She wore her coarse, straight hair, which was slightly streaked with gray, in a long braided rope across the top of her head.  With her high cheekbones, old gold skin, and almond eyes, she looked more like an Indian chief than an old black woman.”


I think that this is effective descriptive writing because it help me imagine what her Aunt Tee looked like.  This definitely helped paint a mental picture.


Descriptive adverbs: slightly


Descriptive adjectives: coarse, straight, gray, braided, high, gold, almond, and old


In your opinion, what could Maya Angelou have added to this essay to make her description essay more complete?


I think she did a good job of being vivid.  I can’t think of anything to add.

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