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This is my next assignment.  I will continue to do the assignment on PTSD.  Using the last essay (attached below) you completed,  please complete the following assignment below.  thanks



In this essay discuss your sampling methods for your proposed research project.  Use the following format for your APA format essay:


1.Describe your topic and research question as it stands thus far


2.Describe and justify your choice to have random or nonrandom sample for your study (p.88, 93.) and then describe and justify what kind of random or nonrandom sample you chose (p. 88, 94).


3.Describe and justify your sampling frame including references to your target population and sampling element.


4.Describe and justify your target sampling size.


For this assignment I am using this book that must be used as a reference: 


Understanding Research by W. lawrence Neuman 1st ed.  ISBN: 978-0205471539 

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