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This week you will observe social media websites and look for discriminatory comments from online users. You will then reflect on the comments and write a blog post about the various forms of discrimination observed online.

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Select two social media websites to observe (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are a few of the popular social media websites).

Choose a topic to research, and read the comments or describe the visual posts/photos from the websites you have chosen. If possible, select a website that includes postings that appear to be from somewhere other than the United States. Topics about politics, cultural diversity, and current events are great selections from which to choose.

Write a 1,050 word blog post about online discrimination on social media websites.

Include the following in your blog:

  • What were some forms of discrimination you witnessed in the comments? Indicate what you think triggered the discriminatory comments and decipher which cultural dynamics might be informing these. How did other online users react to the discriminatory comments and which cultural dynamics are more than likely informing these responses?
  • Because social media websites can be accessed internationally, conjecture as to how these inter- and or multi-cultural postings might be interpreted by someone from another culture. Continue your conjecture and deduce the communication needs that these possible inter- or multi-cultural postings potentially uncover.
  • Provide at least three examples of the discriminatory comments you read, and explain the ramifications of what must be “learned” communication to multicultural sensitivity. How could interdisciplinary education and cultural awareness improve these communications?
  • How would you respond to negative comments if they were directed toward you? Ethically defend what would be your reaction. Using persuasion, discuss how online users can promote positive language in online communication.

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