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                             TITLE OF PAPER: OBESITY IN YOUNG CHILDREN

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In this assignment,  you will include how you will take all of the following information and put it into 10-pages concept paper to help further health promotion efforts.

· 1. What is the public health concern of interest? (Obesity in Young Children)

· 2. Summarize the problem and behaviors that contribute to the problem. 

· 3. What are past and current approaches used to address the problem? 

· 4. What is your the proposed solution and approach to target the problem?

· 5. Develop a strategic marketing concept to promote your public health initiative

· 6. Describe how the survey measurement tool is most appropriate for your public health initiative project. Explain why you chose that tool, and provide a summary of how it will be utilized within your health initiative project. It is important that you are detail oriented.

· 7. In the conclusion of your concept paper, include how you will take all of the above information that you have obtained through your research efforts and put it into practice to help further health promotion efforts.

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