For kim woods only edu week 4 journal

Issues and Debates Blog

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For each weekly blog, you should address a different issue or debate in education politics. You may build on ideas you have already addressed through assignments and discussions in the course, but please strive to be original and to not duplicate ideas already covered. Locate an article, news story, or web-based content that is related to a current issue in education politics. In 150-200 words, summarize and share your own thoughts and ideas pertaining to the issue. You must embed or post a link to the resource you referenced in your blog.

To complete this Journal, first post to your own blog about your chosen issue or debate by Saturday, Day 5 of this week. Then, using the Webliography of the online course, visit the blogs of several of your classmates and review the posts for this week. Select one of your peers’ initial posts from this week and, on his or her blog, respond with a meaningful and well-reasoned post by Monday, Day 7 (of this week). Be sure to provide in-text citations for any sources you reference, however please note that a reference page is not required. By Monday, Day 7, submit a copy of your response and a link to your peer’s blog.

Your blog entries and responses will be time-stamped by the server, so be sure you follow the assignment criteria regarding original weekly posts (Due by Day 5) and responses to a peer’s post (Due by Day 7).

For examples of blogs, visit The Washington Post blog, “The Answer Sheet: A School Survival Guide for Parents (And Everyone Else)” and The National Journal blog, “Expert Blogs: Education.”
Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your journal entry

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