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a.Choose a behavior to improve upon this semester. (I chosen smoking)

b. Write a one-page introduction on why you have chosen this health behavior. (

u can blah blah here why u chosen smoking also mention that im smoking)

c. Write one paragraph/bullet points each week about your actions and progress. (here the Dr ask me to write some points every week tell him what i did with my smoking behavior. (this just to give you hits u don’t have to say that in paper but u have to portent that I did write something every week like: I decided to reduce smoking and smoke one cigarette every 2 hours instead smoking 3 or 4 cigarettes each hour  thats was hard …. etc ..then on second week and so on …etc).


1- at the end of the project time, write a one page summary of your success, challenges and your overall reflection of the project. e. Project must be typed, double spaced, 12-point font with 1 inch margins. 

– write without any vocabulary (very stander writing style)


-Free plagiarism!


Introduction – why behavior was chosen 1page ( 5 points)

  Summary – success/challenges 1 page. ( 5 points)

grammar, spelling and plagiarism. ( 5 points)


work 2. the price for this wrok $10 

i have class (meteorology) and my major is business informatics. if there any related between my major and (meteorology) write page 1 and half about that. if there’s no related. write about how meteorology) related to you




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