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For this weeks discussion, we will focus on Evidence-Based Interventions Used in National Traumatic Events

The DSM-5 task force added a section dedicated to trauma and stress. With an increased exposure to traumatic events, more individuals are exhibiting symptoms related to trauma exposure. Experiencing any of these events can result in an individual’s suffering from a trauma or stressor-related disorder.


For this Discussion, read the DSM-5 section on trauma and stressor-related disorders. Then search the literature for a study related to a national traumatic event and an evidence-based intervention used to treat those suffering from trauma and stressor-related issues associated with it.


Post by Thursday:  

1)      A brief description of the event, including a summary of how it affected the individuals involved.

2)      What are some psychosocial issues that needed to be addressed following this event?

3)      Identify an intervention that was implemented to address one of the psychosocial issues.

4)       Discuss the effectiveness of this intervention as stated in the article.

5)      What are some of the implications for social work in connection with traumatic events?


Support your post with specific references to the resources.

Be sure to provide full APA citations for your references.

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