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Risk Assessment and Quality Plan

This is a three-part assessment. Each part will be assembled into a  final document (titled “Risk Assessment and Quality Plan”) addressed to  senior leadership and structured in a form and style consistent with  professional health administration project management communications. 

  1. A risk assessment using at least two risk analysis techniques. 
  2. A risk matrix using the template linked in the Resources.
  3. A quality assurance and control plan.

Part One: Risk Assessment

Using the Capella University Library and the Internet, identify at  least three risk analysis techniques used to determine risk on a project  (for example, SWOT—strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and  threats—analysis, brainstorming, or root-cause identification).

Consider the practical applications of each technique to your  project and select two techniques most appropriate for use in your  particular scenario. Justify your selection by citing relevant scholarly  sources and real-world experiences.

Apply your selected techniques to determine areas of strength and  weakness in the project, assess risks, and determine how to mitigate the  risks. Address the following aspects in your risk assessment:

  • Consider both positive and negative risks of each technique.
  • Identify the legal and ethical issues that may affect the outcome  of your project, and briefly describe the potential impact (for  example, copyright issues that must be resolved).
  • Explain how to resolve each issue, based on legal and ethical principles of organizational management.
  • Compare and contrast the differences and the similarities between the two risk assessment techniques you chose.

Part Two: Risk Matrix

Develop a risk matrix, using the Risk Matrix template linked in the Resources.

  • Identify each risk.
  • Determine the probability and importance of each risk.
  • Determine how to respond to the risk.
  • Prepare an action plan and assign the person responsible for the risk.

Part Three: Quality Assurance and Control Plan

Develop a plan for performing quality assurance and quality control on this project.

  • Identify the project deliverables. 
  • Determine the quality criteria for each project deliverable.
  • Identify the quality control tasks needed to control quality.
  • Determine quality assurance activities required to assure quality.
  • Prepare an action plan:      
    • Assign the person responsible for each quality control and assurance activity, and time frame to complete the activity.

Submit your Risk Assessment and Quality Plan as an attachment to this assessment. Attach the Risk Matrix as an addendum.

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication: Your assessment artifacts  should be professionally written in a form and style appropriate for  the various stakeholders. Consider the purpose of the document, its  intended use, and the setting in which your project is being executed.
  • Document format: Submit your Risk Assessment and  Quality Plan as a Microsoft Word document. You may embed other  Microsoft files, such as Excel files, in your document or submit them as  attachments.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting standards.

Portfolio Prompt You may choose to save this learning activity to your ePortfolio.


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