For this essay, you will choose one of the works we discussed (hunger

For this essay, you will choose one of the works we discussed (Hunger games) (or something else by one of the writers we have read and write a literary analysis on the work. Choose a few literary elements to focus on.  You may choose from either novel or from any of the short fiction works we have read.

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Literary Analysis

Much like a review, you will include a very brief summary of hunger games(unlike the review) you will do what is called a “targeted” summary. In a targeted summary, you only focus on summary that relates to the point you are trying to make.

Introduction: Give brief background on the item being discussed. Whether discussing a character or plot device, make sure to just give us what we need (to avoid giving too much summary).

Body: Devote a paragraph to each discussion point. If you are changing focus even a bit, change paragraphs. For shorter fiction, you may look at style, tone, overall message, etc. For longer fiction, typically you want to look at things like plot, character (or focus a whole essay on a comparison of characters or how a character changes throughout the novel), or similar elements.

Conclusion: Give us your overall analysis without giving a bunch of new information. Restate your main points to tie everything together.


Formatting Guidelines for the Essay Assignment

You will be expected to format your paper using the following guidelines:

1.  Use 12-point letter size in a standard-looking, professional font such as Times New Roman,  Ariel, Calibri, or similar. (not script, angled, or italicized).

2.  Double-space the body of the essay to make reading and writing comments easier.

3.  Develop a meaningful, specific title.  Do not bold, underline, or italicize, or make the title larger than the rest of the essay.

4.  Include (double-spaced) name and class information.  Please include all of these items: Your name, course number and instructor name, class time, due date, and assignment description.  Below is an example of how this format looks.




Due Date

5. Essay should be 750-1000 words (roughly 3-5 pages)

6. If using any works not in the syllabus, please cite using MLA style. Please also include a works cited page for those works.


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