Forensic Science and the Law

essay question – ‘many, perhaps most, wrongful convictions involve forensic scientific and medical evidence that was exaggerated, misleading or simply mistaken…for a variety of reasons serious limitations with expert evidence seem to be infrequently identified, explained or conveyed’ – edmond, grey ,’the science of miscarriages of justice’ (2014) discuss(arguments for and potentially against the statement above) this proposition with reference to the role played by forensic science in one miscarriage of justice case. in the course of answering, also identify,  – what failures occurred  – outline how it/they could have been avoided – any systemic improvements from lessons learnt.  choose one of the following cases below farah jama case  Andrew Mallard v the queen 1995 –  mallard v the queen (2005) 224 clr 125   Van beelen case – van beelen v the queen (2017) hca 48  – FRITS GEORGE VAN BEELEN v THE QUEEN [2017] HCA 48 or can look at van beelan v the queen (2017) clr 565   The case of Birmingham 6 – the royal commission on criminal justice   The lindy chamberlain case – A Legal Trauma, a Public Trauma: Lindy Chamberlain and the Chamberlain Case (Staines, D. (2006), “A Legal Trauma, a Public Trauma: Lindy Chamberlain and the Chamberlain Case”, Sarat, A. (Ed.) Studies in Law, Politics and Society (Studies in Law, Politics, and Society, Vol. 38), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Bingley, pp. 153-172.)


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