Future Operations Research 

Optional Bonus Project Essays of Future Operations Research for Future BusinessesIn order to help students face future challenges and promote forward thinking using operations research analyses for real world problems, we would like encourage students to search and read new businesses models, businesses and opportunities. The current popular businesses will eventually become old and be replaced by new businesses and models in the future. In order to deal with new problems, Operations Research tools will need to evolve as well, and likely a step ahead of the real-world business requirements. In this project, students are required to learn, study, and understand a new business or a still-born business. Students are also required to analyze how to use operations research methods to help and improve the business. What are the critical issues in the business or problem? How can we use OR methods to resolve it? Is new OR method required to deal with the new situation? Or any issues you think might be important for future OR.Requirements of business or the real-world problem:1.    If it is a business/company, it has to be founded within the past seven years or less (no earlier than that), e.g., that TESLA or SQUARE or COINBASE or SNAPCHAT or SPACEX are not new businesses. 2.    If it is a real-world urgent issue, it has to be concurrent without any company or organization addressing it now. It might be your startup idea.Contents Requirements:1.    A title is required for each short essay.2.    A section describing the business or problem under study.3.    A section discussing how to use OR methods to help and improve the business/problem.4.    A section where you make your bold projection and prediction of the future business and new OR tools for it.


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