Gender differences in communication | English homework help

Here’s what you need to do to complete this assignment:
1. Find a place where you can observe a variety of groups (the student center, the mall, cafeteria, etc). For this assignment, a group consists of at least three people, but fewer than six people. You need to observe one group that is all male, one group that is all female and one group that is mixed gender. Position yourself so that you can see the group clearly and, if possible, overhear what they are discussing. Watch the group for at least 5 minutes.
2. Write a brief description of your observations of each group. Use as much specific detail as you can about their nonverbal and verbal communication, but try to keep this section of the paper from 1 to 1 ½ pages.
3. Next, consider the following: How do your observations fit with our discussion of gender differences in communication? Do your observations support our discussions or differ greatly from them? How are they the same or different? Make sure to draw links from specific things you observed to issues discussed in the text and in class.
4. Finally, conclude by offering an assessment of whether you think the ways men and women communicate are fundamentally the same or fundamentally different (or somewhere in between). Support your argument.

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1. This paper should be approximately 3-5 pages in length. Again, try to keep your observations under 1 ½ pages.
2. The paper should be typed and double-spaced with reasonable margins. Any legible and reasonable computer font will be acceptable.
3. Please include a separate title page with your name and the course number. If you feel like giving your paper a title, feel free to do so, but again, a title is NOT required.

This assignment is worth 60 points. Here’s what I’ll be looking for and what will influence your grade:

1. Observations (20 points) – Did you meet the observation requirements for number of groups and constitution of groups? How well did you describe each group’s verbal and nonverbal communication in specific detail? Are your observations clearly explained?
2. Application (25 points) – How thorough were you in addressing the suggested questions? How well did you make explicit connections from specific details to the texts and to class discussion of gender and communication?
3. Assessment (5 points) – Do you offer a clear, well supported argument for your assessment?
4. General Writing Skills (10 points) – Logic, organization, style, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. (If you got marked off in this area on the first paper and my explanation was unclear and/or you want help, please make an appointment with me).

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