General psychology ( need within 12 hours)

Analysis of a Theory

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This paper is designed as an investigation and an analysis of a specific theory from the list below. Please make note, whenever you find information regarding the particular theory you are studying, you MUST cite that source.

In the introduction paragraph, I need to have an opening sentence which entices me to read your paper. Too many times I have seen students start right with the definition of the particular theory they have chosen to study—do not do that. What you need to have in the introduction paragraph is a definition of theory, 

The body paragraphs need to contain concepts and individuals involved in one paragraph, how this theory would guide therapy in the final body paragraph, and your positive and negative viewpoints of the theory in another paragraph (if you need to break this down into two paragraphs, you are allowed to do so). 

Your final paragraph is your conclusion paragraph which needs to summarize what you have said in your body paragraphs, and any closing thoughts on your theory you chose.

Select from the following theoretical perspectives:

• Psychoanalytic • Behavioral• Humanistic • Cognitive • Biological

Here are the headers that must be utilized in their proper areas, bold-faced, and center-aligned:

Introduction, Concepts, Therapeutic Use, Positives and Negatives, and Conclusion

Furthermore, for every day this paper is late, you will be deducted -10 points until the 5th day, then your paper will be given a “0”.



Formatting: (12 point font for the entire paper, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1” margins all around, 600 – 1000 words, and APA Format (consisting of proper citations within work, reference page (at least 2 sources), and proper title page construction)).


Flow: (Proper paragraph construction for each specific paragraph (use of transitions, topic sentences, support sentences, and detail sentences).


Proper spelling and grammar: (academic style of writing)


Quality content: (proper introduction, a properly executed purpose statement included in the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph requirements met, this especially includes accurate content)


Total Points


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