Genogram and Health Risk Assessment

You will be conducting an interview to assess family history on a client.  The family history will help you to construct a three generational genogram, that will help you to identify the client’s health risks and allow you to create a plan with your instructor to give appropriate teaching regarding any identified health risks or concerns.Use the following questions to help construct the genogram.  Your instructor will give you a set of symbols to use within the genogram.  You should assess the individual and their generation, and then go back at least2 to 3 generations if possible (parents, grandparents and great-grandparents).Answer the following in essay form using APA formatting:Section I:-Individual SG (39 yo male) – suffers HTN, Depression, Anxiety, and Alcohol abuse. He is a veterinarian and owns his own practice. Resides in Wantage-nuclear family ( those that live in household or parents/siblings).Parents  LG (67 yo female) suffers depression, obesity.  She is a bachelor’s prepared nur currently retired


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