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1)Please open this link and read the page article about Refugees from “about education”.  (visit the links embedded in the article to go deeper)  To open links you must press CTRL and then click on link. If that doesn’t work then copy the tinyurl and put it into a separate address window to open.  com/od/globalproblemsandissues/a/refugees.htm” target=”_blank”>

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2)  Watch this ted talk:

3)  Read this article:

3)  How does geographic information help your understanding of any refugee crisis?  Write 250-300 words. 


Assigment#2 International film (Not Arabic or English)

International Film: Please watch an international film. One that is presented in a language that you do not already speak or study.  (This means subtitles) . You can find something on netflix or amazon prime or even better check out a DVD from Hannon Library.

After you watch the film comment on how the culture, landscape, script/plot, is connected to several of the Geographic concepts or chapter topics from this course. Be sure to identify the film by name.  Do NOT write me a film summary, your essay should address the geographic concepts that you observe and analyze.  

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