Geopolitical Factors

Assignment ContentWrite a 6- to 8-page external evaluation of your selected caseSelect a country or region for expansion of the organization selected from the case. Consider the weighted scores from the internal factor evaluation in Week 3 and the country competitive profile matrix you completed in Week 5 to guide your decision-making. Briefly explain your decision.Summarize, briefly, the internal factors that will influence your external factor evaluationConduct an external factor evaluation (EFE) including at least 10 external factors related to the country or region selected. Refer to your SWOT analysis from Week 3 for the opportunities and threats you identified.Examine the geopolitical factors related to the expansion considerations.Examine the economic factors related to the expansion considerations.Examine the cultural factors related to the expansion considerations.Explain how the highest weighted scores from your EFE will influence your decision-making related to expanding into that country or region for your organization.Justify the weight and ratings you used to determine your weighted scores.Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.Submit your assignment.


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