Global Health Equity

You are working on 2 separate parts not connected. it is not an essay!!!!Part 1. Open uploads for full instruction!!!!Use the above information and perform a diagnostic assessment of the success elements in the intervention. Which means:1. How/ where does your intervention ‘fit’ into the SDG framework?•    SDG goal #(s) + short description- keep it short!!!!!(chose one/two goals)2. Reflect on the Elements of the success ( open uploads for the list and choose 4 out of 12)How does your intervention match up to these elements of success? Does it include any of the ‘Success Elements’? If yes, which ones?3. Does your intervention directly or indirectly address or encourage the following elements?If yes, how? Through which actions or frameworks? If not, where do you see it falling short / why?:1. Health equity, 2. Transformational social change and 3. a diagonal approach to healthPart 2.Resource: open uploads: Reimagining Global Health by P. Farmer Chapter 10,11,121. One of the most critical pieces of the global health architecture is foreign aid. Such aid is oftenchanneled through Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Using your critical analysis toolkit please respond to the following:a. List three ways NGOs contribute positively to supporting the goal of global health equityb. List three ways NGOs contribute negatively to achieving the goal of global health equityc. In your own words, describe how the concept of accompaniment can help NGOs in their efforts to contribute to the goal of global health equity2. In Chapter (12, Farmer- open uploads), we turn attention to the Movement for Global Health Equity. There are several suggestions/recommendations for helping individuals (special attention is made to the role of students) contribute to this goal. As you reflect on this chapter please write a short reflection piece (5 or more sentences) on if/how you might incorporate any of the suggestions into your own public health (and maybe global health) work.


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