Global Poverty

In your final essay for this course, please address each of the following questions:Why does global poverty exist? Identify three main reasons and cite sources.Give three examples of things that could be done to reduce global poverty. Cite sources.Give at least one example of how global poverty connects to another societal issue. For example, is there a connection between poverty and human trafficking? Judicial systems? Health outcomes? Gender roles? etc…Explain the connection between poverty and the issue you select and cite your source(s).Using the Framework for Applying Ethical Theories , pick one:- Name two ethical theories that could explain why so much of humanity still lives in poverty and discuss how the existence/persistence of global poverty is endorsed by each theory’s central  tenets.OR- Pick two theories to compare and contrast in the context of global poverty – discuss how the existence/persistence of global poverty either endorses or violates each theory’s central tenets.Summarize each theory you chose and explain the connections (or disconnections?) between the theory and the existence/persistence of global poverty. You may wish to consider the three reasons youidentified in the beginning of your essay as part of your argumentWrap it up – Address each of these questions in your conclusion:Do you consider poverty to be a valid global ethical concern?What ethical frameworks support your answer? Highlight elements of ethical theories that supportyour position on whether or not poverty is a valid global ethical concern.Describe any personal, core beliefs that affect your own views on global poverty. Where did these beliefs come from?Connect your beliefs to the ethical framework(s) that most resonate for you. Highlight elements of theories that best support your personal beliefs.Close by noting whether or not any of your beliefs have shifted since the beginning of the term (there is no wrong answer)Use in-text citations and list your sources at the end. A strong essay will be 400 – 600 words


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