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Many organizations have a difficult time getting the people with the right skills in the right places and then keeping their skills up to date. This can be especially true when you consider different regions or countries. 

1.For this assignment,: examine the cultural, economic system, and legal and labor relations differences, in these areas of operation that can effect employment and hiring.  

2. Select two countries or regions>> (such as the EU vs China, USA vs Mexico, USA vs EU, etc) that your organization(CISCO TECHNOLOGY) operates within. 

3.  Discuss how differences may affect specific HRM activities within recruiting and staffing.

4.  Finally, discuss how your organization should approach implementing recruitment and staffing around the globe. Should it try to provide essentially a standardized, global HRM system or a highly specialized HRM system that is tailored to each location or region where it operates? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and which would you recommend?

Your write-up should be  five page paper, using APA format and citing at least two references.


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