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1. Servant Leadership




 In Chapter 6 (page 174) Courage and Moral Leadership, there is a discussion of Servant Leadership.




In the Webliography area of the classroom there is an article on Servant Leadership. Read the chapter and the article and then select a well-known person such as Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, Colin Powell, Bill Clinton,  Anne Mulcahy , Lance Armstrong , John McCain ,  Indra Nooyi , Ghandi, etc. (the choice is yours) and provide an opinion supported by examples as to whether he or she meets the standards of ethical leadership as proposed in the article. Make sure to relate what you learn from Chapter 6 in your post.






2. Many of you have expressed change in yourself and change in others based on discovery through this course. 




I would like you to look at this clip to give you an idea of how long does it really take to get there, where ever there is for you as a leader. 




Taking the time to learn, apply what you have learned and manage your expectations will serve you well in your journey ahead.  Comment about this Management video clip is optional.











Professor Evans




3. We are at the end of the class and students have learned a great deal about leadership during the past 8 weeks.




What key aspects of leadership that you learned in this class do you feel are important as a take-aways?




In other words, what have you learned that you feel you can apply to your role as a leader in serving our country, industry, academia or business, whether in a small group or a larger organization?



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