Group Dynamics Exercise

view the video of the group sessions within Carla Washburn’s case (under the “Engage” tab) at the website. In a brief 2-3 pg. exercise discuss the following critical thinking questions about the group process. 1.      What does group work offer to a client that individual and/or family work may not? Give an example of why a social worker might engage clients in a group setting v. individual work. 2.      Discuss your thoughts on the engagement skills of the group facilitator in Carla’s group. Give some examples of the engagement skills she used within the group setting. 3.      As a social worker, what should be considered when structuring a group? Using Carla’s group as an example, describe what you observed as far as the structure of the group.  What do you think worked well and what might you have done differently? 4.      How would you describe the model or type of group Carla is a part of? (ie; psychoeducational, reciprocal, remedial, etc…) How would a different model change the focus or flow of the group?


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